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It takes a great man to captain a ship, but an even greater man to build one. Such man is Cirilo Nava Salilican, world-class boat-builder, a captain in many ways. A 28-footer Cabin Cruiser for Mr. Rafael Asada, was the first boat Cirilo built. And when it touched the water for the first time in 1957, it marked the beginning of an amazing voyage of this humble man who built his dreams on building boats. Soon after, orders from different people came pouring. And in the 1960s Cirilo started a new era by building motor yachts. It was also during this time that the first deep vee wooden hull fiberglass-coated speedboat was constructed. Cirilo continued to push himself, and in the 70s, he built his first racing boat—a hydroplane for Atty. Freddie Samson as well as the first Powerboat for Mr. Armando Chua.

More motor yachts and cabin cruisers were built during this period. But perhaps the most note-worthy event in the 70s was the birth of Cirilo Nava Sililican’s Ces Craft Phils. in 1975. Soon after that, in 1976, they started exporting boats which led to the birth of Ces Craft Australia which was owned by Mr. Donald Smith, making that era the most smooth sailing decade for Cirilo.

The 80s came and Ces Craft conquered more uncharted waters. Their first ever 52 footer fiberglass boat cruised in international waters from Manila, Japan, all the way to the US. Exports to Japan began this time, as well as the continuing construction of boats for export in Australia.

And in the 90s, though Ces Craft Phils. was changed to The Boat Shop its reputation as the builder of world-class marine vessels remain stellar as ever. It was during this time that export of boats to the United Arab Emirates began, reaffirming the company’s foothold on the international boatbuilding industry.

From the year 2000 up to this date, the Boat Shop is relentless in constructing world-class quality boats to grace the seas here and abroad and at the helm of 5 decades worth of success and achievements, is Cirilo Nava Salilican. His deep fascination for boats, fueled by his natural talent, drive and dedication has led to an amazing legacy of boat making that has cemented his company as the premier boat builder in the country and his name as an institution in the boatbuilding industry of the Philippines.With every vessel that he made, he was building his dream… And now, 50 years from the construction of his first boat, his legacy and his dream lives on through his children.

With their hearts and minds securely anchored on the same work principles, knowledge, and determination of their father, their captain… they will steer the Boat Shop into even greater oceans...